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Norwich Retro Gaming

  • Last Level Games – Last Level Games is a retro games store run by an avid collector of retro games. All items in shop are hand tested, cleaned and often refurbished to a the best possible condition. There’s a wide range of games and consoles for sale in the shop. Last Level Games can be found at 64 St. Benedicts Street.
  • One Life Left – One Life Left is a gaming cafe, located at 21 St Benedicts Street, Norwich. Screens can be hired in advance, or alternatively you can turn up and book a screen. There’s a huge library of games to choose from at the cafe, which you can play and enjoy. After you’ve booked your screen, you pay for your screen time, along with any food & drinks you might want.
  • Regenerating Gaming – Regenerating Gaming is another retro games store in Norwich. The store can be found at Anglia Square Shopping Center, 2 Upper Green Ln, Norwich.
  • Norwich Gaming Festival – Norwich Gaming Festival is a free, family-friendly celebration of video games, brought to you by The Forum. The event is held yearly, and there’s plenty to things to see and do at the festival!
  • Norwich Retro Gamers – NRG is a small team of dedicated retro gamers, based in Norwich (UK), with a shared passion for playing games on old computers, consoles, and, hand-held devices.