Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad Review

Buffalo USB Classic Gamepad

When I was looking for a USB SNES controller to use with my Raspberry Pi 2 for emulation, I came across theĀ Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad on Amazon, which was rather cheap, but had lots of good reviews. I decided to order one, then try it out for myself. After many hours of use – I was actually quite impressed with it!


The Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad is an absolutely fantastic USB SNES controller, and the responsiveness is perfect and tight, the coloured buttons and are nicely rounded on top and not too sharp. In terms of build quality – it’s as solid as it needs to be, with no play or flex in the plastic even when pressing quite hard. The D-pad is slightly more raised compared to the original SNES controller, and it’s a little bit clicky! However it does feel nice and responsive when using it.

USB Buffalo GamePad and Nintendo SNES Controller
Buffalo Classic USB GamePad and the original SNES controller.

The controller behaves 100% like its console counterpart, which I think is still one of the finest controllers in history. I’ve had no issues with it so far, and works well on Windows, Mac and on Linux. The Turbo and Clear buttons are easy to use and program, as quickly as you could want them to, while still playing smoothly.

Back of USB Buffalo Classic GamePad and original SNES controller
Back of Buffalo USB Classic GamePad and original SNES controller

I noticed that the cable is not as long as on a traditional SNES controller, maybe slightly over 2 feet long. However, you could always get a USB extension lead, if you need more cable length for playing at a longer distance. Luckily my tv is close to where I usually sit, so the cable length isn’t really a problem for me.

Aside from having a shorter cable, the Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad is the perfect solution for playing retro SNES games on your PC, Mac and Raspberry Pi. From the moment you plug this controller in and start using it – you can tell that it’s very close to the original SNES controller! and it works very well.

Final Verdict

I would highly reccomend theĀ Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad to anyone, who specifically wants a USB replica version of the SNES controller, that works well and feels close to the original controller. I hope this helps anyone unsure if they should get one – you won’t be disappointed!


  • Feels close to the original SNES controller
  • Works well
  • Cheap to buy


  • Shorter cable than on the original SNES controller
  • Darker colour on the shell

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