Sony Announces the Playstation Classic

Sony has taken a note from Nintendo’s book, and is bringing the PS1 back – nearly 25 years after its initial release. Just like Nintendo’s NES Mini and SNES Mini, the PlayStation Classic is a lot smaller than the original PS1.

The company announced today that it will come pre-loaded with 20 “genre-defining” games such as Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, and Ridge Racer Type 4.

The Playstation Classic will come packaged with two classic PS1 controllers, a HDMI cable, a Micro-USB cable and manuals.

It’s approximately 45% smaller than the original PlayStation, and emulates the original’s look and feel by featuring similar controllers and packaging. The full list of games hasn’t been announced yet – so will have to wait to find out the list other titles coming to the Playstation Classic.

Avaliable for pre-order – The PlayStation Classic will cost £89.00 (€99.99 / 9,980 yen / $99.99) and will launch globally on December 3rd.


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