8-Bit Norwich – An Evening of Retro Gaming Fun!

Lots of machines, lots of games, and, lots of fun!

Norwich Retro Gamers are hosting their first ever retro gaming night on Saturday 25th August 2018 from 6pm-10pm at the One Life Left gaming cafe in Norwich.

The group will be focusing on 8-bit machines such as the Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore 64, BBC Micro, Amstrad 6128, Toshiba MSX, and Atari VCS. NRG will also be bringing others such as the Turbografx 16, Panasonic 3D0, Neo Geo CD, and the Sega Dreamcast.

Although the event is free, purchasing drinks from the cafe will help cover the cost of the venue.

Please be aware that as this is an evening event, it is 18+ only.

For more information, please visit the Norwich Retro Gamers Website, and also make sure to like and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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