Top 10 Strangest Video Game Commercials

10. Jam Sessions – Sponge Cake (2007, Australia)

At first, it looks like your average kid’s birthday party – opening presents surrounded by friends and getting all excited. Then comes the birthday cake, where normally you would have everyone sing “Happy Birthday” and cheer along as then blow out all the candles. Not this kid, instead he asks his mother “What the F**ck is that?” then slams the cake to the floor, and shouts “F***ING SPONGE CAKE!” then sits back down again. “Instant Rockstar” shows up after his tantrum, but straight away, all I can think is that he’s a spoilt little brat!

It’s a viral spot for a G-rated game. G-rated indeed!

9. Game Boy Micro Commercial (2005)

At the Nintendo Recovery Center for Research and Rehabilitation (A place for gaming addicts and scientists I guess?) conduct an experiment┬áto see how addictive the new handheld is. The Game Boy Micro is placed inside of a maze, along with some cheese, to find out what the mouse prefers. It goes for the Micro (Of course!) and begins humping it. Much to the embarrassment of one of the scientists, they attempt to cover it up with a clipboard, but doesn’t do a very good job!

8. Atari Jaguar – Do the Math (1994)

Who remembers the awful Atari Jaguar commercial, featuring an angry maths teacher, and a class full of confused adults? The commercial was made back when ‘bit wars’ was a thing, and Atari was trying to promote that the Jaguar was more superior (being 64 bit) compared to the 16bit Sega Genesis and 32bit Panasonic 3DO. The angry maths teacher then asks the class to “Do the math” and some guy at the front asks her to repeat the question, then she starts shouting and repeating the word Jaguar!

Nothing makes you want to buy a system like commercials scolding you for not doing so!

7. Sega CD Commercial (1993)


Who can forget this timeless classic where Sega is trying to promote the Sega CD (to a clearly confused teen) and having some guy on TV scold him for not owning one, then making a poor dig at Nintendo. The commercial proceeds to show off the games (blowing the confused teen to the back of his couch) and then ends up stuck to a wall. The teen’s face at the end looks rather horrifying, a bit like the guy with the stretched face, in the film 3D Spy Kids.

6. Earth Worm Jim for Nintendo Commercial

Another strange one is the Earth Worm Jim Video Game commercial. An old lady starts telling the story of Earthworm Jim, sitting in her chair, eating a bowl of worms. Then towards the end, she looks a total mess (with her mouth full of worms!) then starts sounding all demonic. This is definitely one of the strangest video game commercials I have ever seen!

5. Nintendo NES Commercial – You Cannot Beat Us

You cannot beat us! this is by far one of Nintendo’s strangest commercials. With poor CGI, and terrible robotic voice-over – I’m wondering what Nintendo was thinking when they made the awful commercial for the NES. If the goal was to put off as many customers as possible, this commercial certainly does it!

4. Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island Commercial (US)

“When is too much, too much?”

Nintendo made this rather bizzare advert for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s island to showcase how much they crammed into the game. The commercial starts with a fat guy in a resturant, stuffing his face with food, who keeps getting bigger, before exploding into a crowd of people.

3. Resident Evil 4 (Banned Commercial)

At No.3, we have this rather disturbing commercial for Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube. At first, you’d think this is a baby commercial (aimed towards mothers) but nope, it’s a disturbing video for a action-horror game. If you wait towards then end, you’ll see the woman suddenly turn into a zombie!

2. Xbox – Life is Short (2002, Banned Commercial)

The Xbox Life is Short Commercial is a rather funny, but strange, commercial Microsoft released to promote the original Xbox. The commercial does a good job of conveying the message “Life is short” but in a strange way. It shows a baby flying out of its Mother’s womb, then out of the window and into the sky, growing older as it travels further, before landing into a tomb in a graveyard. The message “Life is Short, Play More” is shown at the end, to convince you to play video games more!

1. PS3 – Baby Commercial

This was a tough decision, but the strangest of all – at number one is… the PS3 Baby Commercial!

Sony, at the time, thought it would be a great idea to promote the PS3, using a creepy demonic baby doll. At first it looks excited to see the console, but starts laughing weird straight after. Then it begins to cry, but the tears start rolling back, and its eyes start glowing red! and the words “Play B3yond” show up on the screen. A reflection (which looks more like an alien) can be seen on the console, so maybe the baby doll is actually an Alien in disguse? or maybe I’m reading too much into this strange ad!

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