Top 10 Retro Gaming Gifts for Christmas 2019

With Christmas only 10 days away, now is the time to get those last minute presents ordered before time runs out!

We understand that finding the right gift for someone can be a difficult task, and feel rather daunting… but fear not! we’re here to help. This year we’ve put together a list of our top 10 retro gaming inspired gifts which you should get.

10.) Super Mushroom 3D Light by Paladone

£13.99, Amazon

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Level-up and boost your chances of success with this cute Super Mario mushroom 3D lamp by Paladone. This lamp is perfect for use as a bedside lamp, or on your desk, and makes a great gift for lovers of the Super Mario games as well as retro gaming fans. It has three LED lights inside, is battery powered (3 x AAA batteries) and has an on/off button on the base.

9.) Nintendo Game Boy Alarm Clock by Paladone

£12.99, Amazon

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Wake up in style to the sounds of Super Mario Land each morning. This Nintendo Game Boy Alarm Clock by Paladone is another great gift for a friend or loved one this Christmas, who loves Nintendo and retro gaming!

8.) The Nostalgia Nerd’s Retro Tech: Computer, Consoles & Games (Tech Classics)

£7.44, Amazon (Hardcover)

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Do you know someone who enjoys learning about the history of computers, consoles and games? we reccomend getting them The Nostalgia Nerd’s Retro Tech: Computers, Consoles, & Games book.

This thoroughly researched and geeky trip down memory lane pulls together the most entertaining stories from this dynamic era, and brings you the classic tech that should never be forgotten.

7.) PlayStation Icons Retro Gaming Lamp by Paladone

£23.83, Amazon

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The PlayStation Icons Lamp by Paladone will make an excellent addition to the games room, lounge or bedroom this Christmas. Each icon is illuminated by LED lights inside, and the colour is reflecting of each button as found on the DualShock control pad. There is a button on the side of the lamp to toggle on/off and between 3 light modes; continuously on, fading and faster disco-like effect.

6.) PlayStation Metal Icon Coasters by Paladone

£8.99, Amazon

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These PlayStation metal icon coasters by Paladone would make an excellent stocking filler present for PlayStation fans, as well as retro gamers alike. These will go nicely with any gamer themed room, or in living room for when guests come round.

5.) Xbox Logo Light

£22.53, Amazon

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This Xbox Logo Light will make great gift for Xbox gamers, or anyone wanting to brighten up their bedroom, games room or any other room in your home.

4.) 6″ Collectible Retro Pac-Man Micro Player

£30.87, Amazon

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The 6″ Collectible Retro Pac-Man Micro Player is a great gift for retro gamers and collectors for playing Pac-Man around the house or on the go, in the form of an old-school arcade cabinet.

3.) Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening

£44.50, Amazon

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Surprise your loved one, or friend this Christmas with The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening for the Nintendo Switch. Explore a re-imagined Koholint Island that’s been faithfully rebuilt in a brand-new art style that will entice fans and newcomers alike.

2.) Etpark Handheld Game Console

£23.99, Amazon

Image from Amazon

The Etpark Handheld Games Console is a Compact and lightweight handheld game console with 400 retro games built in. There is a AV output cable and seperate controller also included with the Handheld, so that you can connect it up to the TV and play multiplayer games with other people.

This small Handheld Games Console is great value for money, and is perfect for someone who want to play lots of retro games on the go, and will not disappoint.

1.) SEGA Mega Drive Mini

£68.88, Amazon

Image from Amazon

Ever since Nintendo released the NES Mini, mini versions of classic gaming consoles have been all the rage. Now it’s SEGA’s turn.
Various versions of the Sega Mega Drive has been released by third-parties over the years, but this is the first official re-release of the Mega Drive from SEGA themselves.

With 40 classic games and 2 bonus titles included built-in, the Sega Mega Drive Mini is the perfect Christmas gift for any retro gamer, and would make an excellent addition to the games room, or living room!


We hope that you found this article useful, and helped you find the right gift for that special someone, or friend this Christmas.

Retro Game Dude wishes you all happy Christmas, and New Year and we look forward to more exciting articles to come both in December and in the New Year!

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