Retro Game Dude visits One Life Left – Norwich Gaming Cafe!

On Saturday the 18th August, Me and my other half visited the One Life Left – Gaming Cafe, based in Norwich. I first found out about the cafe when I was on my way to check out Last Level Games, and wanted to come back and experience it first hand. We booked a 1 hour session, got some refreshments, and started looking through the cafe’s impressive catalogue of games and consoles to choose from.

One Life Left – Cafe Menu

The catalogue ranges from 8bit games from the 80’s, right through to brand new releases, and with VR as well. We both decided to play some retro games to start off with, and asked for reccomendations on what to play. One of the guys at One Life Left Cafe suggested we try out the Sega Mega Drive Collection on the PS4, and so we did.

A good selection of retro games consoles to choose from!

Neither of us had played any games on the Mega Drive before, and was nice to try something new. There are 50 games to choose from in the Sega Mega Drive Collection, with lots of great classics bundled into this package.

The navigation menu on this game is rather awesome – you can have a look around this virtual bedroom, with lots of nostalgic items such as a CRT television, an original Mega Drive, a bookshelf filled with 50 Mega Drive games. There are also three retro Sega Mega Drive posters and lastly a record player on top of the bookshelf.

Once you’ve picked a virtual cartridge from the bookshelf, the game is loaded, and then you can start playing on the virtual Mega Drive. We both picked Streets of Rage as our first game to play together, which is a classic beat ’em up game developed and published by Sega in the 1990s.

Not only was Streets of Rage fun to play, it was also rather addictive. The game took some getting used to at first, but once we had learned all the controls and fighting techniques – We both did pretty well, considering it was our first time playing it!

We also played Streets of Rage 2, which was just as fun as the original, and took turns playing Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Plenty of good games to be seen on the wall!

One Life Left is the first gaming cafe to open in Norwich, and it’s a truely unique place to visit. There’s a nice atmosphere in the café, and people looked like they were having a really good time – us included. It was also nice to chat with other fellow gamers in the cafe, and see what games they were playing.

Until now, neither of us had been to a gaming cafe before, and would definitely go back again. I would highly reccomend this place to any gamers out there who either live in the local area, or are visiting Norwich.

The cafe can be found at 21 St Benedict’s Street, Norwich and more information about One Life Left can be found on their website, along with upcoming events. Make sure to give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for regular updates, and also check out their YouTube Channel!

Thanks for reading!

By Jordan Ewbank

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