Animal Crossing Wild World (DS) Review


To me, Animal Crossing Wild World isn’t just a game… it’s a cool place where you can escape to. Wild World is full of interesting characters, places to visit and things to do. Also, if you’re someone (like me) who likes collecting things – there’s lots of furniture, clothes, fossils and more to collect in your town.

The game starts off with your character sitting inside of a cab, speaking to an animal named Kapp’n who talks like a pirate. I had to go through a series of questions so the game could determine what kind of person I was and what kind of town I wanted to live in.

Meeting Tom Nook

Once I was finished with the questions, I arrived in my town to meet a raccoon named Tom Nook, who owns a shop called Nook’s Cranny. Tom Nook gives you a home as well as a job. The job that Tom Nook gives you serves as a way of learning about the Animal Crossing universe. Eventually, you will gain enough money “bells” from selling items, to pay Tom Nook back for buying you a home.

After paying off the loan for your house, you are no longer required to work for Tom Nook, and are free to do as you wish. I found myself going round the town straight after, talking to the other townsfolk, and collecting more items to sell to Tom, to help pay for some furniture to go in my home. Normally, collecting fruit from the trees, stealing plants from your neighbors garden and picking items off the beach is the easiest way for earning money. Also, having a look through the lost & found items bin and claiming them for yourself (sounds a bit like stealing… I know!) is another quick and easy way to earn cash.

Buying Tools

A good idea, is for you to buy a shovel, axe, net, fishing rod, watering can and a slingshot from Nook’s Cranny early on in the game, which will allow you collect more items. The shovel is very handy for digging up people’s unwanted items and fossils – which you can either sell or donate to the Museum. To find out what the fossil is, you will need it inspecting by Blathers at the Museum, who will tell you exactly what the item is. I normally just donate the item straight away, unless it’s a duplicate item – which you can sell to Tom at Nook’s Cranny to earn some bells.

Tip: Hitting a money rock with a shovel can earn you bells – once a day a random existing rock in the town becomes a money rock. These are not identified until the rock has been struck, at which point it turns bright red and gradually fades to normal. Each strike of the rock within this timer will generate a bell bag, the value of which rises with each successive hit or series of hits depending on the game. Once the rock has returned to normal it loses its bell-generating capabilities.

Inside Nooks Cranny

Buying a fishing rod will allow you to go fishing in your town, and compete in the Fishing Tourney to win a prize – which I find is rather fun to do. To catch bugs and insects, you will need to buy a net from Nooks Cranny, which is another fun thing to do. Just like fossils, you can either donate these items to the Muesuem by talking to Blathers or alternatively, you can sell them to Tom Nook to earn some money.

An axe will let you chop down trees (be carefull not to hit the ones with a bees nest!) and remove any unwanted trees from your town.

The slingshot from Nook’s Cranny will let you shoot down random balloons floating around the town, which will contain a mystery present inside each balloon. Balloons only appear from 10 a.m. to 4 pm, and only when the minute value of the time ends with a “4”. After 15 packages are shot down, the golden slingshot will appear, carried by a single golden balloon. If this is missed, it will reappear a couple of presents later.

Decorating and Furnishing your Home

Another thing to do is customize your home. You can buy furniture, wallpaper and carpet for your home from Nooks Cranny, or sometimes NPCs will let you swap with them, or gift you their unwanted furniture. Also, you can collect furniture by digging up holes, popping mystery balloons and searching the lost items bin. Each furniture item has its own series or theme that all match with each other.

Empty House

Tip: Your pockets can fill up rather quickly – so make sure to buy a wardrobe or drawers for your home, this will allow you to store more items.

Your home can also be inspected and rated by an in-game organization call the “Happy Room Academy.” The HRA will come into your home and rate your sense of style. Each piece of furniture you have will be a certain amount of points that add on to each other. Points can be deducted if you have some items that don’t match together.

Custom wallpapers and carpets can be made in game – which is a pretty cool feature if you prefer to design your own stuff!

Become a Fashionista!

Clothes and accessories can be purchased from the Able Sisters Store, or even better…  If you prefer to design your own clothes – you can do this at the Able Sisters Store. All you need to do, is speak to Mable and say “I want to design!” which will cost you 350 bells for the materials, and can only save 8 designs in total. Once you have designed, named and paid your pattern, it will be stored in the menu next to your inventory.

Able Sisters

To wear or use your custom design, you will need to drag the pattern towards the clothes, hat, umbrella, or floor icon at the top of the menu. You can also display your design in the store, which can be worn by NPCs or other players visiting your town.

NPCs in your town will sometimes gift you their unwanted clothing or offer to swap with you.

Socializing with Neighbors

While you’re out of your house and browsing around the town, you can talk to all of your neighbors. Building relationships with your neighbors is important, otherwise they could become unhappy and possibly threaten to leave town. To keep them happy – make sure to talk to them regularly, visit them at home, offer to do errands for them, send them letters and finally give them gifts.

Chatting with Poncho

There are benefits of becoming friends with your neighbors – they can offer you gifts, swap items and also invite you to social events e.g. Birthdays. You will find that people are constantly moving in and out of your town everyday, so make sure you don’t miss out on anything a neighbor has to offer.

One of my favourite things to do in Wild World, is go and chill out at Brewster’s cafe in the museum, and enjoy a nice hot coffee. If you go there on a Saturday between 8:00pm to 12:00am – K.K Slider will be there, where you can either request a song, or wait for K.K Slider to sing a randomly selected song. You will recieve a free copy of the song that was played afterwards.

You can also start a conversation with special charactes such as: the Able Sisters, Booker & Copper, Brewster, Blathers (When he’s awake!) and Celeste at the Museum, Dr Shrunk, Gyroid, Kapp’n, Joan, Katrina, Lyle, Pascal, Phyllis, Pelly, Pete, Redd, Resetti, Rover, Sahara, Snowman, Tom Nook, Timmy & Tommy, Tortimer, Wendell and lastly Wishy.

Playing in Real Time

The game recognizes your DS’s built in clock, and fully utilizes it. The game changes from day and night, and knows exactly what time and day it is. On events such as your Birthday, Halloween, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve – you can receive special items and gifts from people. Since events like this happen only on holidays, it’s wise to play on those dates (or you can cheat by manually changing the date & time on your DS) and make the most of it.

Over time your town will go through changes, for example Nooks Cranny will change from a tiny hut shop into a large department store. The seasons in the game also change. When it’s winter for you, the game will have snow all over the town.

Events such as fishing tournaments and flea markets will take place weekly, so you will have new tasks to do in the game.


Friends that own a copy of Wild World can come and visit your town, or you can go visit their town. You can either do this locally, or over Wi-Fi using Friends code.

Open the Gate!

Locally: To visit a close-by-town, you must talk to Copper first and select the local option. Before doing this, you must say whether you want to invite a friend or leave your town to visit another town. On both options The guards will open the gate: on the “invite friends” option the gates will open and you will be allowed to leave the town gate open whilst waiting for your friend(s), whereas on the “leave your town” option the gates will open and will search for another town with open gates.

Over Wi-Fi: You can visit other towns over the internet by first exchanging Friend Codes with each other, then talk to Copper at the gates and choose the Wi-Fi option. You will need to select “Visiting another town” and Copper will then search for any open towns. If you are wanting to allow someone into your town, you need to select “Open Gates” which will allow other players to visit your town.


Not only is Animal Crossing Wild World a fun game to play… it’s also very addictive! I find myself spending many hours playing this game, and always find myself coming back for more. There’s so much to do in this game, it’s hard to grow bored of it!

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game, and would highly reccomend it to anyone!

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